People choose to get into real estate for many different reasons. The road to real estate success is not a short one. Before SMDC, I ventured into the Real Estate Industry March 2009 and started as a Property Specialist. Going into this field, I had apprehensions since I didn’t know what was ahead of me. Back then, all I knew was I had to make something out of myself and I wanted to provide a better life for my family.

YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.”

After 3 months, I was promoted as a team leader and eventually within a year I became the In-house Sales Manager. With this responsibility, I was given the chance to handle my own team of Property Specialists for 3 years.

With consistent dedication and passion to achieve more, I was blessed yet again and became the Senior International Sales Manager, with the target market at Middle East particularly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Doha, Qatar. March 2017, I joined SM Development Corporation, under the winning team of Sales Director, Mr. Don A. Teves, and International Sales Manager, Ms. Rachelle V. Malabanan.

My target market is Middle East and other Asian countries. With the guidance and supervision of my superiors, I reached another milestone in my career; after three years, this January of 2020, I was promoted as SMDC’s In-House Associate Sales Director.

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“I am a living evidence that the quality of life we live
is based on the opportunities we create for

SMDC, paved the way and opened new doors for me. I was afforded with the chance to travel and explore the different cultures and learn from the life stories of people I meet. But the best thing out of all these experiences, is I get to do it for free. It is the type of work wherein business and pleasure can go together.

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My decision to transition with SMDC has proven to be life-changing. I am more secured with my future now. I was able to purchase and invest in my very own properties. This has also allowed me to provide my family with more than what I could hope for. With all the blessings that has come into my life, I have never forgotten to give back as well. I share my knowledge about property investment and how to make profitable income thru rentals with our fellow kababyan working overseas. I want to create opportunities for other people too, that is why I am encouraging everyone to be part of SMDC Team BRS. Journeying for 11 years now in the real estate industry has truly made a significant impact to where I am now.

If you want to reach greater heights, start your journey and become part of our growing team.