I am Ma. Elaida B. Bautista and I am so lucky to have joined the country’s real estate giant, SM DEVELOPMENT CORP. in 2018.

Back then, I was just trying my way to the real estate world. I have been in Events and Marketing for a decade and all roads lead me to sales. 

They all say that marketing do the spending and sales to the money making. So before it gets too late for me to get into sales, I tried my way in with the best of the best in the real estate industry, SM Development Corp.

It was Miss Rachelle Villan who interviewed me during that day when I first visited the SMDC main office in Two-Ecom Bldg. I was just asking for a freelance accreditation and she eagerly invited me to get in full time with an International Property Specialist position.

I was honestly hesitant to take the plunge. It was so fast but since I’ve decided to take a leap in my career so why not?

So I started as an International Property Specialist and started my operations locally before Team RVM sent me to the United Arab Emirates for my very first deployment. We settled in Abu Dhabi to scout for the best international marketing partners who will lead us to our kababayans for their investments.

News spread like wild fire and I’ve received invitations from my relatives and friend in Canada and the USA to operate our business in their community as well. They all learned about the excellent investment plans SMDC is offering our fellow Filipinos abroad so everyone wants to know about our properties and the business.

In 2019, I visited North America and accredited at least 20 brokers and sales associates to join our team. I flew back in 2020 and continued their training and activation all around British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Team EBB has also started operating online in the United Kingdom as our kababayans in the medical field suddenly realized the urgency of having an investment during the pandemic.

It has been very gratifying being able to present, educate and assist our dear migrants and OFWs with their real estate investments back here in the Philippines.

It’s not just a simple investment where you can win or lose that we are offering them but a very rewarding business that offers them passive income to keep them financially well until their old age.

This part of the job is what’s keeping Team EBB so passionate about the SMDC real estate business.

The company has given us the credibility of the brand, the best address for our properties and the great returns the business is so proud of.