Fulfilling Every Filipino’s Dream

SMDC Cheerful Homes 2 is the fulfillment of every Filipino families’ dream to owning a modern home in a master-planned subdivision and live in a community that is safe, convenient and sustainable. It is a 17.84 hectare master-planned developments complete with modern facilities and amenities for the conveniences of every Filipino dream. A well-connected, eco-friendly and resilient community built with an integrated commercial area – Cheerful Homes 2 meets the daily living requirements and amenities.

Completed amenities for families and neighborhood’s wellness and recreational activities. 39.9% open spaces / 68,725.88 sqm is allocated for amenities. The integrated community mall is built for the convenience and immediate needs of the residents through a well-connected, walkable and bike-friendly neighborhood. Properly-sectioned residential houses with variety of design and sizes depending on the needs and preferences of the residents.

SMDC Cheerful Homes 2 is a gated community with 24/7 security measures in place such as CCTVs and roving security guards. It also provides shuttle services for its residents.

This progressive location by SMDC is located in the ‘Main Artery of Progress and Development in Central Luzon‘ such as North Luzon Expressway, SCTEX, TPLEX and Skyway 3. It is also connected to Mac Arthur Highway, Manila-Clark Passenger Railway, Subic-Clark Cargo Railway and the Clark International Airport.

Close to the Clark Green City, one can get easy-access to world-class athletic facilities, national government satellite offices and BPO offices for more than 20,000 employees. Cheerful Homes 2 is also close to different malls, schools, churches, offices, transport hubs, airport and expressways, industrial zones, agricultural areas.

Location: Mabalacat City, Pampanga

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the utility provider for SMDC Cheerful Homes 2?
a. Electricity – Pampanga Electric Cooperative II (PELCO II) – Application of individual permanent connection will be c/o of the buyer. Fees will be shouldered by the buyer.
b. Water – Manila Water Ventures Inc.
c. Cable and Internet Services – PLDT and Globe

What is the association dues rate?
a. Association dues rate were determined by property management, depending on the projected operational cost of the project during turnover. This will be used for the maintenance of all common areas.

How much will be the moved-in fee?
a. All residents shall pay the Association fee of Five Thousand Pesos (Php. 5,000.00) prior to turnover.

Who can avail of the house and lot units?
a. Filipino citizens and former natural-born Filipinos.

Will SMDC Cheerful Homes 2 be placed under the care of a property management group?
a. Yes. SMDC Cheerful Homes 2 will be managed by Greenmist Property Management Corporation (GPMC).

Are we allowed to combine units?
a. Yes, units can be combined subject for approval and as long as the facade of the housing units remain unaltered.

Are expansions allowed?
a. Prior to the start of any expansion work, an Owner is required to secure the prior written content of the Property Management. All exterior expansions shall be of Modern Contemporary design and shall contribute to the overall theme of the development.

Ground and second level expansions shall be allowed following the prescribed limitations and maintaining the mandatory minimum open court area on the rear portion of the lot. Details of the expansion is stated in the Deed of Restrictions.

Fences and Gates
a. All walls and fences to be constructed fronting or adjacent to a street shall be at least two meters (where 1.00m should be solid and 1.00m see through)

a. All units have provision for parking space. Unit owners are not allowed to park their vehicles outside their properties. Parking on side streets are not allowed.

a. Domestic pets ONLY are allowed. No farm and barn animals. No breeding.

Landscaping Elements
a. Landscaping of the are within the property line of the Housing Unit fronting or adjacent to a street is encouraged.
b. Softscape elements, which are limited to trees, shrubs, and ground covers, may be placed within the setback area.
c. Owners are recommended to plant softscape species to further enhance the overall look of the development.