SMDC’s ICE Tower, a modern residential-office development that provides the luxury and comforts of a premium condominium development suited for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Integrated to the SM Mall of Asia Complex, SMDC’s Ice Tower provides access to key places of interest essential for entrepreneurs and their employees, whether it be a dinner meeting in a fancy restaurant or relax at the Sky Lounge during break time.

Ice Tower will be an enabler and partner for entrepreneur’s to become credible and successful. It provides an environment to live and work well. A well-thought-out and efficient use of space. It boasts a comfortable living spaces, designed working spaces, sufficient electrical working sockets. It is designed to maximize natural light and ventilation. Fiber optic internet is provided and 100% back-up power. Earn additional income through rental yields and capital appreciation.

Ice Tower is a residential working space that offers an environment to collaborate and ideate with your team. Complete with training room, virtual room, ideation room and dining meeting room that meets your daily business requirements. With an environment that has business services, SMDC Ice Tower also provide business services like secretarial, messengerial, virtual assistant and office machines.

Fully integrated commercial hub with a variety of concessionaires that will cater to your personal and business needs. Social hubs are also available like central pool, kiddie pools, pavilions and terrace deck. Complete also with fitness hub like cardio area, weight machine area, free weights area, stretching and yoga area.

It is also a good environment fit for ease of doing business built within a fully-integrated, transit oriented and highly enterprising developments. Near infrastructure developments that provide ease of access to key CBD’s, the entertainment city and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and near transport hubs.

Building Features:
1. 6 Passenger Elevator
– Dedicated elevator for residential use
– Dedicated elevator for office use
– Dedicated service elevator
– Proximity card homing features
2. CCTV Cameras in Common Areas
3. High Density telecoms (higher bandwidth)
4. Mail Box Room
5. Floor Fire Sprinkler System
6. Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm System (FDAS)
7. Standby back-up automatic generator system
– 100% common areas
-100% RESO Units
8. Centralized garbage room
9. Centralized STP and Cistern
10. 2 Fire Exits every RESO

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the estimated project completion?
– December 31, 2024

2. What are the maximum number of persons allowed in RESO units?
– The maximum number of persons allowed in RESO unit shall be six (6): maximum of 4 occupants + 2 visitors

3. Is combination of units allowed?
– Yes – combination of RESO units are allowed subject to SMDC policy for combination units.

4. Are signages allowed outside the unit?
– Signages are allowed, locations will be defined and subject by House Rules and Regulations

5. Can the business use the building name and address?
– Yes, the business can use the building name and address.

Prohibited Use of RESO

1. Agencies which increases the number of individuals resulting to more than 6 occupants/visitors

2. Clinics that may have issues on waste disposal (i.e. clinics that perform
laboratory tests)

3. Offshore gaming, online betting and other similar forms of gambling.

4. Diplomatic, consular, or other political office, which in the judgement of the Declarant, will increase the risk and compromise the security of the building as well as the RESO unit owners.

5. Catering Services, Eateries and restaurants requiring heavy cooking activities

6. Agencies such as delivery concessions, massage services, travel agency, talent agency, employment agency may be allowed to operate in RESO units provided that only backroom functions will be allowed to prevent compromising the load of the building.

7. RESO units may be used as clinics to serve out patients only such as: Dental Clinics, Derma Clinics and Consultation Clinics provided that proper licenses must be acquired by tenants and proper disposal of toxic wastes must be implemented.