Designed for every aspect of your life. Designed for convenience.

Located in Southmall complex, Las Pinas City, South 2 Residences puts you right at the heart of the action, as the city offers everything from education and corporate settings to exciting dining and shopping destinations. If you fancy eating Italian, Mexican, or Thai cuisine after watching that new blockbuster movie, or perhaps you’re more eager to indulge in retail therapy – whatever you’re in the mood for, South 2 Residences gives you a plethora of activities to choose from.

Designed for Warm Welcomes

Upon entering the grounds, you are treated to the stunning sight that is the South 2 Towers. Thanks to its imposing presence within the neighborhood, you can carry a sense of pride knowing that this is your home. With tasteful decor and furniture adorning the lobby at every turn, everymoment sent here becomes a feast for the senses. Whether you are simply passing through or are entertaining guests, your elegant lobby is sure to chamr you and your guests.

South 2 Residences also provides quite and comfotable working environments conducive to your productivity, allowing you get to work done efficiently and effectively. Meet up with friends, entertain your guests, or have a casual business conversations at any of the cozy lounges. South 2 is also designed for luxury as part of enjoying the accomplishment of owning your property and treating yourself to a day without demands or commitments. To that end, the lounge offers you the perfect place to, while away the hours. No interruptions – only relaxations.

Location: Las Pinas City

Price Range: Php. 3,700,000 – Php. 7,500,000

1 Bedroom Unit
1 Bedroom Unit with Balcony
1 Bedroom End Unit with Balcony
2 Bedroom Unit
2 Bedroom End Unit with Balcony

Adult and Kiddie swimming pools
Gated and Secured Community
Grand Lobby at Tower 1
Landscape Garden
Function Rooms

Designed for Good Returns

Aside from taking care of the amenities and grounds, our professional property management team is always ready to assist you and protect your investments. Should you desire to lease out your property, the team can immediately help you start getting profitable returns.

It is perfect for safe and active playtime – the children’s play area is a great place to bond with your child. The multi-purpose function room is always ready to host your personal events, both grand and modest, to make certain that every occasion you celebrate here is a memorable one.